Family Film


Family Film

Family Film breaks the family down into prime factors. Husband and wife set sail on the ocean, leaving their two children at home to explore the freedom offered them by the absence of parental supervision. But fear clouds the kids’ seemingly carefree life after they lose contact with their parents: their boat capsizes in a storm and the father’s beloved dog is lost. The timing of the parents’ return corresponds with a tragedy at home. Their son lies in hospital, badly in need of a kidney transplant. Test results show that the father is in fact not related to the boy by blood. As the crisis climaxes, we leave the family for a desert island where the dog, having survived the boat wreck, struggles for survival – and not only his own. Several years later a boat appears on the horizon. Half dead, the dog returns home, but where is the home, actually? In his eyes perhaps?

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Czech, German




95 min.

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Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, France, Slovakia

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