Braune Gurken mit Zimt

  • Year of production: 2016
  • Screenplay: Arne Kohlweyer, Eike Goreczka
  • Director: Arne Kohlweyer
  • Camera: n.n.
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: ca. 90min
  • Language: German


The dedicated hobby-gardener Horst lives in a small village, which boasts to be free of foreigners – also thanks to Horst’s son. When the old man sets up an old rusty trap to protect his vegetables against assumed martens, a refuggee-boy from Northern Africa gets injured by the trap instead. More out of a bad conscience than out of empathy Horst takes care of the boy – and puts his own ideology, his son and the whole village to the test.

Project ←→ Producers/Funders

  • 42film GmbH, Germany