The Picture of the Day

  • Year of Production: 2016
  • Screenplay: Jo-Anne Velin
  • Director: Jo-Anne Velin
  • Camera: Jo-Anne Velin, Thomas Beetz
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 91 min.
  • Language: German


When the mayor of Tröglitz had to resign because he had spoken up for refugees and their home burned a little while later, camera crews flocked to the small community in Saxony-Anhalt. When the media left, Jo-Anne Velin arrived – and stayed. She spent eleven months between the attack and the regional elections (a resounding success for the right-wing populists) with the residents of the place. She shared their life, went to football matches and antenatal exercise classes, drank coffee with the little old ladies, watched the bakers at work, observed children, explored vanished and existing industries, hiked through the forests, watched and listened closely.

As a Canadian living in Germany Velin brought a foreign element to the place which predestined her to ask, search and discover its many traces – especially in a history shaped by immigration and largely suppressed. She uncovered remarkable lines leading to the concentration camp barracks in the area, now used for various purposes, and ultimately to Imre Kertész. She made connections not only across time but also across geography. Again and again she intercuts images of refugees crossing the sea to Europe with images of the people of Tröglitz. This could be you, the images say. And – thinking further – you are Tröglitz, too. A bold step.

Grit Lemke (Catalogue Dok Leipzig, 2016)


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  • Dok Leipzig (International Programme), 2016