• Year of Production: 2016
  • Screenplay: George Ovashvili, Roelof-Jan Minneboo
  • Director: George Ovashvili
  • Camera: Enrico Lucidi
  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 99min
  • Language: Georgian


The president and the prime-minister flee after a putsch against their government into the mountainous region of the country with only a handful of armed supporters on their side. The decamped group tries to escape from its pursuers by changing locations permanently, but an invisible follower strives to put its victims under a constant psychological pressure.
On the way the president receives rumours about loyal troops, waiting for him and ready to start a partisan movement to regain his legitimate power. After a long and dangerous journey through the mountains, in severe winter, along a way full of pain and suffering, the president’s group finds a military camp in the impenetrable forest. But there are no loyal troops waiting to help, if they have ever existed. It’s obvious that they fell into a trap – the president is fated and his company realizes that being with him means to share his destiny. Everything flows to the fatal end. To choose what that end will be, is the only choice the president has left.



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