DRÜBENLAND - The Land Over There premieres in Tampere and Dresden
published on Mar 29 2019

Arne Kohlweyer's Shortfilm DRÜBENLAND - THE LAND OVER THERE has its world premirer at Tampere Film Festival in Finland and German premiere at Filmfest Dresden. [more... ]

ÁGA and LEMONADE receive awards in Sarajevo
published on Aug 17 2018

Both our co-productions ÁGA (D: Milko Lazarov) and LEMONADE (D: IOANA Uricaru) are the big winners of this year's Sarajevo International Film Festival. ÁGA received the award as Best Film, Ioana Uricaru got the 'Heart of Sarajevo' as best director for LEMONADE.

ÁGA (aka NANOOK) achieves festival success
published on Jul 24 2018

Our co-production ÁGA (aka NANOOK) achieves awards on several festivals, among them as the Best Film at Fajr International Film Festival in Teheran, for the Best Director at Eurasia International Film Festival in Kazakhstan and it receives the Grand Prix for the Best Film at Festival du Film de Cabourg, France as well as the NDR director's award at Filmkunstfest MV, Germany.

ZÄRTLICHKEITEN IM BUS receives ARD award 2018
published on Jan 26 2018

ZÄRTLICHKEITEN IM BUS received the ARD award 2018 as "Best Entertainment Format 2016/2017" today.

FAREWELL HALONG in Saarbrücken
published on Jan 24 2018

FAREWELL HALONG has it´s premiere at Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis in Saarbrücken today.

Lemonade is selected for Berlinale
published on Jan 10 2018

LEMONADE by Ioana Uricaru is selected for 68. Berlinale, Panorama section.

ÁGA is selected for 68. Berlinale
published on Jan 05 2018

ÁGA (working title: NANOOK) by Milko Lazarov is selected for 68. Berlinale competition. The film will close the section, out of competition.

NILOWSKY is nominated for the German Script Award 2018
published on Dec 18 2017

NILOWSKY by Torsten Schulz is nominated for the German Script Award 2018. The result will be announced on 16.02.2018.

World Premiere of FAREWELL HALONG
published on Nov 11 2017

FAREWELL HALONG had his sold out world premiere at Cottbus Filmfestival tonight.

German Premiere of KHIBULA
published on Nov 08 2017

KHIBULA is having it´s German premiere at Cottbus Filmfestival tonight.

German cinema release of THE PICTURE OF THE DAY
published on Sep 07 2017

 THE PICTURE OF THE DAY can be seen in German cinemas from today on.

published on Aug 30 2017

 MDR will present the four new episodes of ZÄRTLICHKEITEN IM BUS from today on.

World Premiere of KHIBULA
published on Jul 02 2017

 KHIBULA by George Ovashvili will have it´s world premiere tonight at 52nd International Filmfestival Karlovy Vary.

Shooting Start of LEMONADE
published on Jun 09 2017

 Today is the 1st shooting day of our Romanian-Canadian-German-Swedish Co-Production LEMOANDE, directed by Ioana Uricaru. DOP is Friede Clausz.

Shooting Start "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus"
published on Apr 26 2017

 From today on, we producer four new episodes of our TV-series "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus".

Shooting start Nanook
published on Mar 21 2017

 Today is the 1st shooting day of our new international coproduction NANOOK. The shooting takes place in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha. We´re sending all the best wishes to our crew and cast on location.

Eurimages support for Lemonade
published on Mar 13 2017

We are happy to announce, that our international coproduction LEMONADE, a film by Ioana Uricaru, will be supported by Eurimages.

Grimme award nomination
published on Jan 18 2017

"Zärtlichkeiten im Bus" is nominated for the Grimme award. We are very, very proud!

MDM funding for two new projects
published on Aug 10 2016

Good news times two! The MDM-Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung supports the production of our co-production DAOUD'S WINTER by Koutaiba Al-Janabi as well as the project development of Mario Schneider's new documentary-project UTA!

Shooting start for new season of Zärtlichkeiten im Bus
published on May 09 2016

Today is the first shooting day of the new season ZÄRTLICHKEITEN IM BUS.

German Cinema release of NAKED BEAUTY
published on Apr 14 2016

From today on our documentary NAKED BEAUTY by Mario Schneider can be seen on the big screen throughout the country.

Shooting start KHIBULA
published on Mar 01 2016

Today is the 1st shooting day of our new coproduction KHIBULA  by George Ovashvili. With the support of MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and Eurimages, in coproduction with ZDF/arte. We´re exited about the upcoming shooting days in Georgia! Sending all the best to our crew and cast in Borjomi.

MDM Production Funding for Khibula
published on Jan 28 2016

We are very happy and proud to announce, that the MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung supports George Ovashvili´s new project KHIBULA. KHIBULA is a Georgian-German-French coproduction and the shooting is about to start very soon...

Eurimages support for KHIBULA
published on Dec 17 2015

We are very happy and proud of the Eurimages support for our international coproduction KHIBULA, the new film by George Ovashvili.

published on Dec 04 2015

From today on CORN ISLAND (aka DIE MAISINSEL) is available on DVD in Germany.

Best Actor Award for Karel Roden
published on Nov 07 2015

Congrats to Karel Roden awarded as Best Actor for FAMILY FILM at Filmfestival Cottbus. Thanks to Olmo and the whole cast and crew for your work.

FAMILY FILM awarded at Tokyo Int. Film Festival
published on Oct 31 2015

FAMILY FILM wins the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Congratulations to Olmo, the crew and our partners.

MDM production support for NANOOK
published on Oct 15 2015

We are very happy and proud to announce, that our Bulgarian-German-French coproduction NANOOK (directed by Milko Lazarov) got supported by the MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung. We are heading North! Stay tuned!

World Premiere of "Family Film" at San Sebastian Filmfestival
published on Jul 28 2015

We are very happy and proud that our co-production "Family Film" (directed by Olmo Omerzu) will have its world-premiere at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, competing for the Kutxa-New Directors Award!

Tonight Worldpremiere of "Zero" at Karlovy Vary Filmfestival
published on Jul 08 2015

Tonight is the world premiere of our co-production "Zero" at the 50. Karlovy Vary Filmfestival, with the participation of our main actor Udo Kier.

World premiere of „ZERO“ at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
published on Jun 02 2015

We are very happy to announce that our co-production ZERO (HUN/CZ/GER, directed by Gyula Nemes) will have its world premiere at the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!!!

published on May 28 2015

From today on our Georgian co-production „CORN ISLAND“ (directed by George Ovashvili) will be shown in cinemas all over Germany.

More information: http://www.neuevisionen.de/

Shooting start new season „Zärtlichkeiten im Bus“
published on May 12 2015

From today on 42film is shooting the new season of the tv-show "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus" for the MDR.


Script development funding for „BRAUNE GURKEN MIT ZIMT“
published on Apr 14 2015

The MDM supports the script development of our project BRAUNE GURKEN MIT ZIMT by Arne Kohlweyer and Eike Goreczka!

Mehr Informationen unter: http://www.mdm-online.de/index.php?id=9&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=927&cHash=542f1cc531396eaeb384033ec1d8177e

Last shooting day of „FAMILY FILM“
published on Feb 03 2015

Today is the last shooting day of "Family Film" (dir. Olmo Omerzu).

Project development funding for „GIORA“
published on Jan 29 2015

The MDM supports the development of our documentary project „GIORA“ by Eike Goreczka!

CORN ISLAND is shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Film in Oscar Race
published on Dec 19 2014

CORN ISLAND is one of nine films on the shortlist on the way for the 87th Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film". The final 5 will be nominated on January 15th 2015.

We are really proud.

"Corn Island" Georgian contester for the Oscars 2015!
published on Sep 05 2014

Road to the OSCARS 2015! Our international co-production CORN ISLAND, directed by George Ovashvili, has been selected as Georgian contribution for the Best Foreign-Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards!!! Congratulations and thanks to George and everybody who made this possible. Finger crossed!

"Corn Island" at San Sebastian Film Festival!
published on Aug 25 2014

We are very happy to announce that our co-production "Corn Island" by George Ovashvili got selected for the prestigious Zabaltegi section (Pearl section) of the 62nd International Film Festival San Sebastian!

"Corn Island" wins the Crystal Globe for best film and the prize of the ecumenical jury in Karlovy Vary!!!
published on Jul 12 2014

And the winner is... Corn Island/სიმინდის კუნძული ! Our co-production wins the Crystal Globe for the best film and the prize of the ecumenical jury at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival!!! Congratulations to George Ovashvili and our fellow co-producers! We would like to say thank you to everybody who supported us throughout the making and made that possible, especially our great film-team, our families and friends and last but not least the MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and Eurimages

"Corn Island" premiere in Karlovy Vary
published on Jul 09 2014

Today premieres our co-production "Corn Island" at the 49th International Filmfestival Karlovy Vary in the Official Selection -competition.

Eurimages-support for "Family Film"!
published on Jun 23 2014

Our co-production "Family Film" has been selected as one of 23 international co-productions for the Eurimages support! 


Screening Dates of Corn Island at 49. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
published on Jun 10 2014

Here are the screening dates of CORN ISLAND:

9.7.2014 10:30 Congress Hall Press & Industry screening
9.7.2014 20:00 Grand Hall Official screening
10.7.2014 13:00 Pupp Official screening
12.7.2014 11:30 Drahomira Cinema Official screening

World Premiere of Corn Island at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
published on Jun 03 2014

Our Georgian movie CORN ISLAND will have it´s world premiere in the Official Selection - Competition at the 49. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Shooting start "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus"
published on Apr 29 2014

From today on 42film is shooting four episodes of the tv-show "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus" for the MDR.

The new 42film-homepage is online!
published on Mar 31 2014

The new 42film-homepage is online!

published on Mar 27 2014

From today on our documentary „Im Dreieck“ (Director: Uwe Mann) will be shown as follows:  http://www.imdreieck-derfilm.de/kinofinder.html

"No Fairway To Halong Bay" supported by MDM
published on Feb 19 2014

Our new documentary "No Fairway To Halong Bay" by Duc Ngo Ngoc is supported by MDM.

Successful meetings at the Berlinale Talents
published on Feb 09 2014

Successful meetings at the Berlinale Talents (Talent Project Market) for our project THE MATCHMAKER that the director and producer Alina Abdullayeva is developing with 42film.